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The Church Audio Supply web site is in many ways a mirror of my first audio products web site,, which was launched in September of 1998. Though was designed to cater to the average musician, over the years, contracting (and in particular churches) have fueled what I would guesstimate was 40% of our business.

Personally, churches have been the most enjoyable customers to assist. I often hear from local pastors or church music committee members that audio needs ranging between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars aren't quite a big enough job for large contractors so the church is left to do it in house with staff or volunteers. Whether you do have a contactor handling your audio installations or your church is the do-it-yourself type, I enjoy talking , assisting and educating the average clergy and parishoner on their audio install needs. It's encouraging to see that despite the economic ups and downs that cycle from year to year, houses of worship continue to thrive with new buildings and new installation projects.

It became apparent that a new web site should be tailored and marketed to this growing percentage of business and so I launched in August of 2004. As you can tell, the strength of our inventory and knowledge is in the audio cabling field. If you need a single cable or a small audio accessory, your local music store is still the place to shop. For products tailored to your wants and for hard to find install products we'ree still one of the best values on the internet. The value is even greater if you are buying cable, connectors and plates in bulk as sound quality and the proper install cable is becoming a necessity.

The truth about audio wire is that there isn't much difference in audio quality between manufacturers. That includes the rediculously high retail prices of Monster Cable and Mogami. Any oxygen free copper (OFC) cable will perform with relative similarity. Making a pretty or bulky looking outer jacket can't change the fact that most like cable performs the same. However, based on the cable lengths, shielding and connector types there are more appropriate products and gauges for a particular application or durability need. I'm hopeful this site can inform you in choosing the right cable.

Otherwise, help is just a phone call or email away to assist with your application questions or to take your order. After many years we finally implementd a shopping cart in 2010 for the customer that is absolutely sure of what they are ordering. But I still I prefer to talk to the customer and get things right before products ship. I look forward to speaking with you about your cable needs and ensuring you get the right product at a fair price.

Tom Mody - Mody Company Tom Mody
Mody Company Creative LLC

... and please meet our customers to buy in confidence!

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